One technology, many applications

The applications of the Ironlev technology are not restrained to the transportation sector, where Ironlev can be implemented to upgrade trains, metro cars and trolleys, elevators, monorails and people movers, up to the Hyperloop.

Ironlev can make the difference in many other domains where rotation can be easily substituted by levitation, such as industrial automation (replacing bolts and belts in mechanical assembly rows, warehouses or distribution facilities), construction and building systems (gates and sliding doors/windows), entertainment (igniting the development of next-generation roller-coasters) and media (replacing wheels in camera carts and tracks).

Moreover, the Ironlev paradigm shift can unlock multiple market ramifications where current problems might see a new solutions: for example, the technology can enable the development of new anti-seismic systems in the construction sector or be part of the balancing systems for cruise ships.

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