The applications of the Ironlev technology are not restrained to the transportation sector.
Ironlev can be the game-changer in other domains where rotation can be easily substituted by levitation, such as industrial automation (replacing bolts and belts in mechanical assembly rows, warehouses or distribution facilities) or entertainment (igniting the development of next-generation roller-coasters).

Moreover, the Ironlev paradigm shift can unlock multiple market ramifications where exhisting problems might see a solution: for example, the technology can enable the development of new anti-seismic systems in the construction sector or balancing systems for cruise ships.

And this is just the beginning…


From next-generation trolleys, subways and monorails to high-speed trains, freight movers, Hyperloop Pods and even rollercoasters.
Ironlev will enable the future generation of mass transportation and recreational systems.


Ferromagnetic levitation technology can be applied to guidance rails, allowing skyscrapers’ elevators to reach faster speeds while keeping excellent comfort levels, and requiring less maintenance due to the reduced mechanical friction.


The Ironlev solution can upgrade the existing tracking shot technology, allowing for cameras to move at extremely fast speeds without a single bump and enabling a whole new set of stylistic solutions for cinema or TV directors.

Automated parkings

The new generation of above and below the ground automated parking systems represent a costly but efficient solution to store cars in urban centers while minimizing the footprint. With Ironlev, part of the mechanical components could be easily replaced by passive magnetic levitation, generating both fixed and variable cost advantages, with a perceivable noise reduction.

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