Welcome to a post-wheel future.
Welcome to Ironlev.


Beyond the wheel

Nowadays the public transportation sector is facing a profound and unprecedented shift. As the world is getting connected like never before, moving is no more an option: it becomes a necessity for our social and economic development.

If for centuries the transportation of people and goods has been relying on a basic technology, the wheel, the increased need for fast, cost-effective and reliable ground mobility is quickly saturating the transportation supply, calling for a paradigm shift and breakthrough innovations in the industry.

At Ironlev we are introducing a key technology that enables a smooth and cost-effective transition to a post-wheel future.

Our magnetic levitation solution is built on the same inspiring principles that paved the wheel’s success:

  • Technical simplicity
  • Versatility of use
  • Low production costs

while its properties allow to meet the contemporary requirements of more efficient, safer and smoother transportation systems and much more…