We believe that the post-wheel technology is magnetic levitation.
We are not the first ones to talk about magnetic levitation
but we are convinced that our revolutionary system will become the gold standard for many centuries to come.

A disruptive magnetic levitation technology

We call it ferromagnetic levitation.
By manipulating natural iron-characteristic properties we created the Ironlev technology.
It allows objects to levitate in a stable and extremely safe way, without the need of electricity.
At a cost that is way lower than any other levitation technology.

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The key enabler for a post-wheel revolution

We believe that Ironlev represents the perfect post-wheel technology, allowing to upgrade and improve most of the existing wheel based solutions and enabling a whole new set of applications and services to flourish.

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Unlimited opportunities

The Ironlev technology allows existing congested transportation networks to be either upgraded and improved in an incremental way (refitting), or to be replaced and re-purposed from the ground-up. With benefits in terms of fixed and variable costs due to the simplicity of the technology and to a sharp reduction of maintenance-related costs.
And transportation is just the beginning…

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